Update on Life

    It's been a while since we've posted on our blog. We've had plenty of awesome weddings to show off from this past year, but we've been busy with a couple things that are finally wrapping up.

    First, we bought a house! It felt like we would never find a place of our own, but we managed to snag a very unique building close to Bridgeport. Built in 1875, just four years after the Chicago fire, our building started out as a commercial space. The earliest records we can find has it listed as a grocer, then sometime before the 1900s it was converted into a bar. Eventually we'll be moving our meetings into our new building, but we're still getting this place situated. Hopefully soon!

    The other major news is that Clarissa will be having an opening at the Catherine Edelman Gallery on September 9, 2016 and the show will be up till October 29! The opening is September 9 from 5-8pm.

    We moved to Chicago back in 2009 from Florida so that Clarissa could get her MFA in photography. The very first gallery on her list of places to visit was the Edleman Gallery. I remember her saying at some point during our visit that she wanted to have her work hanging on those walls one day. The Edleman Gallery is one of the most respected galleries in the country. They represent photographers that we read about in our textbooks, and whose works line the walls of museums across the world. We're all very proud of her and what she's been able to accomplish.

    I've been in a relationship with Clarissa since we were 15 & 16 years old. We were always into photography, even back then. I remember while we were still in high school Clarissa saying that her goal wasn't to be a rich and famous photographer, although it would be great too. Her goal was to make an impact on the history of photography, so that she would one day be written about and included in textbooks. She wanted people to learn about her and her accomplishments in the art world. Meanwhile 17 year old me is just concerned with skateboarding and video games, anyway... She's well on her way to that large goal that she set for herself before she could even legally vote. Come by the gallery and show your support to one of the cities rising stars in the photography world.

You can see Clarissa's personal work here: clarissabonet.com


We have two big announcements to make about Clarissa's fine-art work! First, back in 2012 PDN, Photo District News, named Clarissa as one of their undiscovered fine-art photographers on 2012. This year in the April issue they've names her as one of their top 30 new and emerging photographers to watch out for! Being included in PDN once is a big deal, but twice!! The issue should be in news stands soon, check it out!


Not only that, but Clarissa is also now represented by the Catherine Edelman Gallery! The Edelman Gallery has always been one of our favorite galleries in the city. They represent many talented photographers, some we even read about in our text books in photo school! Some of Clarissa's work will be up in the gallery starting in April. The gallery will have an opening that Clarissa will be attending on Friday April 3rd from 5-7pm. It's the first Friday of the month so all the galleries will be open, many with free wine/beer! Stop by and show some support!